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Kalam Youth Development Foundation also started Girl Self Defense Center to empower woman in this society. Everyone one knows that now a day rape case are increased day by day and no one take any strict actions against it majorly in rural areas , In Cities the government security department is active and they help rapidly in most of the cases but in rural area there is very problem to reached at police station or any helping body even parents are also not come in front of the society after rape cases they feel like they done mistake eventually hence rape victim face dual harassment first from rapist and another one from the society.

So to stop this and make a batter and safe society for the girls we started this center to boost the enthusiasm and power within the girls so that they protect their self and their family too. Because if a woman can teach society.


Girl Self Defense Center is ready to empower the girls, we are not just trained the girls we are having testing and implement model, our model of teaching and learning is totally unique and having complete enthusiasm our teachers and mentors are from different fields and have determination to teach every girl and make a totally secured society for girls. Girl Self Defense Center teaches the girls at every stages and teaches how to survive in this society not in terms of rape or eve teasing even in terms of social welfare or physical challenges like fire safety, first aid, medical treatments etc. Girl Self Defense Center are also providing seminars for the girls to empower for jobs and career opportunities as well. Girl Self Defense Center provide marshal arts, Judo Karate , Yoga , Meditation Classes etc. Girl Self Defense Center not just provide physical training we are also trained mentally as well .


Girl Self Defense Center has mission to stop girls spoliation and change the mentality of society that girls are weak and anyone can use them accordingly, Girl Self Defense Center has mission to change the perception of society and provide a new place of girls in the society which is totally safe and secure.


  • Marshal Art
  • Judo Karate
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid
  • Home Safety

Girl Self Defense Center has been conducted through Kalam Youth Development Foundation for empowerment of girls of rural and semi urban areas. So this complete training is absolutely free there is no charges has been charges by Girls

If anyone interested to donate us they can simply donate us so that we can more and more work for our society.

P.S. – We are not affiliated to any university. There is no UGC or RCI recognition. The Kalam Youth Development Foundation is registered as an Educational Trust and the diploma will be awarded by the name of Kalam Youth Development Foundation.

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