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 Intellectual property (IP) Kalam Youth Development Foundation "an autonomous institution registered "

RJ,1882-17-4219/IV and 21,1880-5/55556govt. of India K.Y.D.F Provides various training programs of Central & State Govt. to the people of different categories in the society. To fulfill the dream of Govt. of India, “Information Technology of Everyone”, and to fulfill the needs of 35 lakhs IT professional till 2025 and other job related to this sector and given the employment directly or indirectly to One Crore people of India,

Intellectual property (IP)

Kalam Youth Development Foundation In an education business, it is often the value of intellectual property (IP) assets that the investor finances or course buyer pays for. It is important to have "clean" ownership of any intellectual property that is critical to the operation and success of your career. If our course and services depend on certain major IP assets, an investor will do due diligence to understand your right to use such courses.

The Kalam Youth Development Foundation assures an intellectual property assignment agreement student that the institution has transferred the intellectual property needed to legally transfer that course from the institution to the student. Therefore, you can take any of our courses by being sure.

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