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Kalam Youth Development Foundation also introduce a very needed and urgently required program which needed by every student or candidate those are completed their education or pursuing education at higher level but not clear about their vision , mission , goal and career opportunities due to lack of knowledge , lack of awareness or any other reason due to this after completing education candidates are not getting their career which he/she actualy deserve or needed.

The focus in career counselling is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues. Career counseling helps the client to select a course of study that may help him/her to get into job or make them employable. A career counselor helps candidates to get into a career that is suited to their aptitude, personality, interest, skills, resources and temperament. Career Counseling is helpful for people of all ages and in different stages of life. It is helpful for school students, graduates and those wishing to make a mid-career change.


  • Administering a standardized aptitude/personality test to the client/student to determine suitable career clusters.
  • The counsellor explores the client’s aptitude, preferences and skills for a given career. This is done keeping the academic or other performance attained so far.
  • The various courses of study most suitable are examined, keeping the career options in mind.
  • The different institutes and colleges that offer the particular course of study are identified and the process of getting admitted examined.
  • Counselling in terms of adjustment to the job professionally and the skills involved are also suggested.
  • For mid-career change, career counselling involves using the experience gained by the client in a given job as leverage for something bigger and better in the future.


  • The candidate must be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized University -Indian (proof of degree is essential)
  • The course is open to candidates from India mainly from rural and semi-rural areas.
  • However, the award of the diploma in counselling is subject to the candidate submitting his/her degree certificate.


The fee for the course is Rs. 500/- (all inclusive) and free for financially week students (candidate need to submit their parent’s income proof)


  • Click on Apply online button (available below)
  • Fill complete form
  • Attach Photocopy of proof of age (SSC certificate, etc.)
  • Attach Income Proof (if Required)
  • Attach photo in the application form
  • Pay Online Rs. 500/- (as applicable to you)

Net banking is also available. The details would be provided if required. Once we receive these documents, send us a mail and we will proceed with sending you the study material and assignments.


  • Paper I: Fundamentals of Human Behavior
  • Paper II: Research Methodology and Statistics
  • Paper III: Psychological Testing Theory
  • Paper IV: Counselling Psychology
  • Paper V: Introduction to Career Counselling & Theories of Career Counselling Development
  • Paper VI: Career Profiling and Assessment
  • Paper VII: Career Counselling Interventions for Different Groups
  • Paper VIII: Career Independent Research Project / Internship


The assignments answers have to be submitted in the type written form. (Hand written answers not acceptable). They have to be sent as a hard copy by post. The answers should be submitted paper-wise. There are 7 papers. You have 10 months in which to complete the written assignments. The next months could be devoted to doing an internship or an independent research project. This should be undertaken in consultation with the faculty of the institute, in New Delhi.

The PROJECT WORK has to be carried out in consultation with the Course Director’s approval and supervision.

A thesis would have to be submitted at the end of the work. The thesis should be based on fieldwork/case studies etc.

  • The thesis should be about 100 to 150 typed pages (double space).
  • A counselling intervention is to be included.
  • In lieu of the project work, the student can attach himself/ herself to an organization where counselling work is carried out and complete an Internship programme of a minimum of 2 months. A certificate of having completed the internship has to be submitted along with the thesis. The internship could be used to collect the data along with counselling intervention.
  • The dissertation can be submitted for evaluation at the end of the internship period.


  • There are no classes. We provide you the study material. This would be followed up by sending you the assignment questions to your email ID.
  • You are required to read it, understand the contents and then answer the assignments questions. All the answers to the individual papers are to be completed, keyed into the computer, a print out taken and then sent as a hard copy, for evaluation.
  • All the papers, for which assignments are sent, need to be completed. You have 10 months to complete all the written assignments for the papers.
  • Towards the end of the final paper you can think and plan either your individual research or internship. You have 2 months to complete this project.
  • The thesis has to be submitted in a typed form. It should be of about 100-120 type written pages. It should be bound. The format and content is given separately.
  • If you are doing an internship, the supervisor has to provide an internship certificate where the following details need to be provided.
  • The place of internship.
  • The duration of the internship with dates
  • The nature of the activities engaged in by the intern.
  • The observations/remarks of the supervisor.
  • The internship report would have to be submitted in a spiral bound form where the student has to mention all the details of the internship and the learning that took place during the period.
  • Only upon successful completion of the written work and the thesis/ internship would be diploma be awarded.

P.S. – We are not affiliated to any university. There is no UGC or RCI recognition. The Kalam Youth Development Foundation is registered as an Educational Trust and the diploma will be awarded by the name of Kalam Youth Development Foundation.

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